Any ladies up for a night a la Geek?

Looks like any female members or mods could have one heck of a night ;) as found on the Reg.

Any female readers who currently find themselves single, and unable to find the greasy-haired, pizza-encrusted programmer of their dreams, will doubtless be rushing like a "Keldyn to a rule-breaking post" to bid for "a DATE with 4 complete and utter geeks".

Yes, the bidding presently stands at £40 at the eBay auction offering an exotic evening out in Oxford filled with totally fascinating conversation, all about computer programming. Including such riveting topics as "optimal byte code", "reverse polish notation", "Vertex buffer optimisations", and "how it works?... Soap".

Blimey, these games programmers really know how to show a girl a good time. They're even offering to "buy our own drinks, and possibly try to sell you some of our games".

Easy ladies... no need for a stampede!

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News source: The Reg

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