AOpen takes a different approach at education providers

AOpen president, Paul Su announced the new approach that his company is planning to make at schools and education providers. Su said that AOpen hopes to pick up where Dell and HP left off and claim a bigger portion of market share by offering a longer availability of products in the inventory.

"If you have education or commercial customers, you don't want to change often," he said. "If they are gamers, you might change the BIOS every day. HP and Dell may change the BIOS every two months, even if it's on the same motherboard."

This whole idea came from the fact that schools' IT department often doesn't have enough man power, and so as a result, they require their hardware to be identical throughout the environment to ease the deployment and maintainance effort.

Along with this plan, AOpen also hope to encourage its partner to offer better service and training programs to their clients.

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