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Apple aware of cold weather affecting iPhone X touch input

While the iPhone X has only been out a week, it looks like there are issues with the handset. According to a report, it appears that when the smartphone is exposed to colder weather it renders the touchscreen unresponsive.

According to the post on Reddit, the user states that it takes only a couple seconds for the screen to become unresponsive when going from a warmer to a colder climate. At this point, the screen does not work reliably in terms of registering touch-based inputs. It also appears that the problem isn't consistent, with some having the issue, while others aren't. Luckily, there seems to be a workaround, where locking and immediately unlocking the handset seems to restore functionality of the screen.

Although this is interesting, it doesn't come as a complete surprise. A majority of electronics have a temperature range in which they can operate properly. Usually, when it gets too cold or too hot, a device will start to behave strangely, whether it has to do with the display or other aspects. Luckily, Apple is already aware of the problem and is creating a fix which will be delivered through a software update.

Source: Reddit, The Loop via The Verge

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