Apple doing just peachy in education

Concurrent with reports that Apple seem to be doing well financially, the company seem to be tying the education market up nicely also. News reports from Macworld amongst other sites, are all nattering about Apple hitting the 'top spot' by emerging as the premier supplier for educational institutions within the UK. Research from Gartner Research finds that Apple is 'the number one computer manufacturer in the Western Europe education market for Q1 2009 with a 26.4 per cent of market share.'

Here in the UK, the news is also good for Apple, in terms of the education market they hold 27.3 per cent of the market share. MacWorld states that this years' figures are considerably larger than those of 2008, a great improvement for the company.

All of this is very good news but, perhaps it is sensible to consider why Apple seems to be a popular choice for the education system in the UK and throughout Europe. As many of you are doubtless aware, Apple offers a yearly 'education discount' for students, teachers and education institutions alike, which is always a draw, especially if a free iPod and a discount is up for grabs. Apple state that one of their computers from the education store is 'the only computer you will need for the next four - or five or six - years'. A statement I have some reservations about.

It is all very well and good offering discounted products for students, most companies do, though Apple does offer other education services for free which makes its products popular for education. iTunes U is the first to come to come to mind. In a separate part of the iTunes store it offers students what Apple refers to as: 'possibly the world's greatest collection of free educational media available to students, teachers, and lifelong learners' in the form of pod casts and videos from some big name institutions on various topics. I've had a look and have found some of the language materials useful in gaining a basic grasp of a particular topic.

In short, Apple seem to be doing well in providing the education market, which is encouraging for student like myself. However, they could do more, It seems that pricing is an issue for most people, cheaper products (whether in education or not) would be welcome. Take note Apple.

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