Bing actually has three new advertisements

Yesterday, Neowin reported that Microsoft had posted the first advertisement for Bing, despite the website only having been available for a very short time. Well, it appears that there isn't just one video to show off the new decision engine... there are already three. That's right, a YouTube account for Bing has been created and videos are already filling it up quite quickly. Since we're kind, we'll post them all here for you.

The first one we have already posted on that aforementioned link, but we'll put it here anyway, in a higher resolution format. It's interesting to see that Microsoft is already sending everything they have to get this off the ground; of course, it's not unexpected, but it will be intriguing to see how other companies fight back (if at all) in terms of advertising. Post your thoughts on them here; do you think these will be enough to get the average consumer using them, or does Microsoft need to somehow do more to get Bing off the ground?

The second one we have is called 'Search Overload Syndrome: Hawaii':

And lastly, we have one called 'Search Overload Syndrome: Cellphone':

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