Apple earnings up 15 percent for the third quarter

Apple has reports its earnings for the third quarter of 2009, ending June 27, with surprising results, jumping up 15% over the last quarter of 2009. Apple posted revenue of $8.34 billion (US) and a net quarterly profit of $1.23 billion (US). These results are compared to last years third quarter revenue of $7.46 billion (US) and a net quarterly profit of $1.07 billion (US). Shares have risen from 1.19 per diluted share in the third quarter of 2008 to $1.35 per diluted share this quarter of 2009.

Apple's revenue came from over 2.6 million Mac computers sold in the last quarter, selling more than 10.2 million iPods over the last quarter, down 7% from last years quarter, selling more than 5.2 million iPhones, up a staggering 626% over last years quarter reporting and downloaded more than 1.5 billion applications from the AppStore.

Apple's revenue and profits can be justified by the newly launched MacBooks pros, offering customers a higher quality MacBook pro with a cheaper price tag, seen at this years WWDC, aswell as the slashing prices of the iPhone 3G to just $99, and the launch of Apple's new iPhone 3GS.

The company has estimated profit earnings of $1.18 to $1.23 a share for it's fourth quarter and its revenue to come in at $8.7 to $8.9 billion (US)

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