Apple iPhone 8 teardown, exposed to the core

After months and months of leaks and rumors, today is finally the day. Customers will finally be able to walk into an Apple Store and pick up the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Although the latest handsets look similar to their predecessors, there is still quite a bit under the hood and on its exterior that makes it different.

While the majority of us will never see the inside of the iPhone, iFixit has taken it upon themselves to deconstruct the device to show us what makes the iPhone 8 tick. As you can expect, under all of the metal and glass there is a custom logic board, sensors, cameras, and more importantly a wireless charging coil on the inside.

Although the back of the phone is made from metal, there is a large cutout on the rear that allows wireless charging to occur when placed on a compatible pad. The gaping hole is covered by the new glass panel, which seems to have taken quite a bit of effort to remove. As for a total repairability score, the new iPhone got a six out of 10, with marks deducted for the stubborn rear panel and lower components that lie in a bed of tangled cables.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are now available to purchase from a number of retailers and the Apple Store. Apple will start pre-orders of the iPhone X on October 27.

Source: iFixit via 9to5Mac

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