Apple may be adding 3G to future MacBooks

A recent job posting at Apple suggests that the company may be introducing 3G into future MacBooks as a standard. The job posting is seeking for a quality-assurance engineer with experience in various networking technologies, such as BlueTooth, Wi-Fi, and/or 3G Wireless Wan.

The job posting is only a small glimmer of hope that Apple could introduce 3G as a standard into all future MacBooks and possibly all manufactures for even PC laptops could follow suit. The next big addition to all future laptops could be 3G wireless support built into the computer, something Apple and AT&T already have a partnership with, with Apple's iPhone 3G.

If the possibility of future mobile computing could be connected with your wireless carrier data plan could open up a new range of support and possibilities for consumers and marketing companies. A huge advantage for Skype if wireless 3G comes standard in all laptops and MacBooks in the near future.

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