Apple Music launches Student Membership, priced 50% lower than standard subscription

Apple is hoping to boost subscriptions for its music streaming service by offering a new, more affordable option for students.

Apple Music launched last year for $9.99 a month in the US, but its new Student Membership may prove more appealing for cash-strapped folks in college or university, priced around 50% lower than the standard monthly subscription.

Despite its lower price, the student option will offer the same features as the full-price subscription. It will roll out in seven markets from today (local monthly pricing provided):

  • Australia - $5.99
  • Denmark - 49 kr
  • Germany - €4.99
  • Ireland - €4.99
  • New Zealand - $6.49
  • United Kingdom - £4.99
  • United States - $4.99

Those wishing to take advantage of the Student Membership will need to prove their eligibility; as Music Business Worldwide reports, student verification is being handled by UNiDAYS.

Apple is believed to be preparing a 'reboot' of its music service, following mixed reviews, complaints about its user interface, and the departure of several key executives. The revamped Apple Music is expected to be unveiled at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference in June.

Source: Music Business Worldwide via Engadget

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