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Apple's music finder app Shazam now supports Apple Music Classical

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Shazam's latest app update released today brings support for the Apple Music Classical app. According to its release notes for version 15.33, "You can now open classical songs from Shazam in the Apple Music Classical app. Simply Shazam or search for a classical song, tap the menu icon on the track page and select "Open in Classical."

The music discovery app already allows users to play songs via the regular Apple Music app after identifying them either by using the phone's mic or a manual search. In addition to the app, users can also trigger Shazam's music recognition using Siri voice commands after long pressing iPhone's power button.

Shazam is available for multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, iMessage, and Apple Watch. However, the said integration will only work on iPhones as the Apple Music Classical app is not available on other platforms.

Apple released its separate music streaming app earlier this year that focuses entirely on classical music. The company explained that it decided to go with a dedicated app after considering the complexities associated with the genre and its metadata.

Shazam was first launched in 2002 by UK-based Shazam Entertainments Ltd. which was acquired by Apple in 2018. Along similar lines, the launch of its classical music app comes after Apple's 2021 buyout of the music streaming service called Primephonic. While both Apple Music Classical and Shazam are free to download from the App Store, you need an Apple Music individual or family subscription to listen to classical songs and recordings.

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