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Apple potentially dropping NVIDIA chips after disagreements

Last week, a website named Semi Accurate reported that heated words were exchanged between the computer maker Apple and graphics chip producer NVIDIA, regarding their current agreement. It seems that NVIDIA was being "arrogant", according to Stuff.tv, and they may have been sent packing for the next three or four years.

Only last year, Steve Jobs proudly unveiled the new MacBook Pro line that boasted NVIDIA 8600M GT graphics processors, but as mentioned, they may already have had their turn. AppleInsider have said that, "[the chips being dropped] would start with iMacs and MacBooks based on Intel's Nehalem processor architecture, the tipsters say, but would get progressively wider as time goes on." It hasn't been officially confirmed that this will happen or any other details about it but if this is true, expect some more information shortly.

It is speculated that this may have been due to the problems that Apple laptops have had with the aforementioned chip sets; they are known to have an anomaly which renders them useless over time, due to heat trouble -- Apple has had to replace all faulty devices with the issue, and cover them with an extra three years warranty, leading to massive costs. We wouldn't be surprised if this is all true, however; a while back, Apple dropped all usage of ATI (AMD) chips in their Power Mac G4 model when the company released their MacWorld plans a day early. Regardless, we'll see what happens soon.

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