Apple yet again omits 120Hz displays from its latest iPhones

Today, Apple announced its latest premium smartphones, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. During its presentation, the company touted how its new phones will arrive with Super Retina displays, built using custom OLED panels, offering the best quality possible. While the quality of its OLED panels are certainly impressive, there is still one display feature that is absent from iPhones, that many have yearned for since its inception on the iPad Pro - ProMotion.

If you are unfamiliar with ProMotion, it made its debut on the iPad Pro and offers an experience that makes touch interactions buttery smooth. Not only does it improve touch accuracy, it also makes things look better when you are playing games, watching movies, and more. Part of the magic that makes it possible is that Apple is using a display panel that is capable of a 120Hz refresh rate.


As you can see from the attached table, it is extremely rare to find the technology featured on Apple's product. Even if we step outside the realm of Apple, there are only a handful of smartphones that offer a screen with a faster refresh rate above 60Hz. There are probably numerous amounts of reasons why this wasn't included in the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, but much like its Taptic Engine, once you experience it, it's hard to forget.

While we won't see it in this generation of iPhone, it is probably only a matter of time before we see it sometime in the future. Or maybe this a technology that is deemed unnecessary by Apple.

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