Apple's Multi-Button Mouse

Apple has once again pulled another rabbit out its hat, this time Apple is showcasing an optical multi-button mouse. Yes, you read it right Apple has finally released a multi-button mouse. This mouse dubbed the "Mighty Mouse" has four main features.

The first feature is that it has multiple buttons (left/right and middle click ball). Though by looking, you couldn't tell thanks to Apple concealing it all under a top shell design. Apple has designed special sensors in the mouse that will detect where your fingers are and predict your clicking intentions.

Secondly, Apple's scroll ball offers you the ability to perform a 360-degree scroll via your fingertips. Third, you can scroll either up, down, left, or right. Fourth, Apple has included a set of four programmable buttons on each side of the mouse. These programmable buttons gives you immediate access to unique Mac OS X features like Dashboard, Exposé, etc... Apple is pricing this mouse at just $49 dollars, and oh yeah its Microsoft Windows (Windows 2000/XP only) compatible.

Screenshot: Overview picture of mouse | Top view of mouse | Side view of mouse

View: QTVR of the Mighty Mouse

View: Apple's Mighty Mouse Homepage

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