Are paid apps now showing up in the RTM Windows Store?

When Windows 8 reached its final RTM stage earlier this week, Microsoft also announced that paid Windows 8 apps could also start being submitted to the Windows Store certification process. However, when Microsoft made that announcement, it also said " ... to upload apps to the Store, you’ll need an RTM build of Windows 8." Officially, that build is supposed to be released to MSDN subscribers starting on August 15th.

Now a new report from The Next Web claims that a few paid apps have already found their way to the Windows Store, including titles like Sudoku, Baby Soothers, Feed Reader, Growth Tracker and Flashcards. We have been unable to independently verify this claim. However, it seems that these paid apps are only appearing for people who have the RTM build of Windows 8. A leaked Enterprise SKU of Windows 8 found its way on pirate download sites one day after Windows 8 reached the RTM stage.

We contacted Microsoft for comment and their spokesperson sent back links to the previous Microsoft Windows Store blog information about paid apps. The company did confirm that no paid apps will appear for people who are still using the Release Preview version of Windows 8. It remains unclear if these new paid apps that may be available in the RTM version were allowed to get early access to the Windows Store by Microsoft.

Source: The Next Web

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