Back 4 Blood reaches 10 million players, Tunnels of Terror expansion lands this April

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Turtle Rock Studios' cooperative zombie shooter Back 4 Blood has done quite well in gaining players. The studio and publisher Warner Bros. today announced that over 10 million players have jumped into the game since launch in October, also gaining the title of being the best-selling new IP on consoles in 2021. The title also saw a day one Xbox Game Pass release.

Right alongside the milestone arrived a content reveal for the game's first major expansion, Tunnels of Terror. It has a new cooperative activity, Two Cleaners (playable characters), new Ridden variants (special zombies), skins, and more.

"To achieve such a milestone in the short time since the launch of Back 4 Blood is a historic event for our studio and this franchise,” said Steve Goldstein, Turtle Rock Studios President and General Manager. "As we look ahead, we’re excited to keep the momentum going with our upcoming expansion, Tunnels of Terror, which will offer more cooperative content for fans to continue cleansing the world of the Ridden."

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Ridden Hives is the new cooperative mode, delivering seven dungeons situated below Evansburgh. These labyrinthine tunnels house a new type of enemy, Warped Ridden, which will be laying mines and laying in wait to decimate unaware players. Warped Ridden are also playable in the PvP mode Swarm too. Completing hives will reward players with exclusive loot only available via the expansion.

The expansion also provides access to eight Cleaner skins, seven legendary weapons, 12 weapons skins, new cards, and more goodies for use in-game. However, not everything is exclusive to the premium expansion. The base game is being updated alongside the expansion drop to add the No Hope difficulty setting for the most dedicated and powerful players.

Back 4 Blood Expansion 1: Tunnels of Terror lands on April 12 for Ultimate, Deluxe, and Annual Pass owners, as well as standalone buyers. Luckily, only one member of a party needs to own the DLC to invite their friends over for a run in the new content. Turtle Rock Studios also confirmed there are no microtransactions coming to the game with this expansion or any future update.

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