Backers: 200 HD DVD Titles in 2006

HD DVD proponents Universal Studios, HBO Video, Universal Studios, New Line Entertainment, and Warner Home Video announced with Toshiba at this year's CES that 200 titles would be available for the format by the end of the year. Among releases planned include hits "Million Dollar Baby," "Full Metal Jacket," and "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." Europe's Studio Canal and the Weinstein Co. will also release films such as "Shakespeare in Love," according to the HD DVD Promotion Group.

Of the 200 proposed releases, 50 or so can be expected by May, said Yoshiihide Fujii, CEO of the Digital Media Network Co. of Toshiba. He believes the format will be a "quantum leap" in how consumers view video.

Supporters point out the HD DVD player's backwards compatibility with existing DVDs, which they believe will be a popular selling point in the format war with Sony's Blu-Ray. Some companies will reportedly produce dual-sided discs which contain the standard DVD version and HD DVD version.

Toshiba's two players, available in March, include a $499 standard version and $799 "deluxe" version. According to the article, has begun taking pre-orders.

News source: CNET

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