Bask in nostalgia with this meticulously crafted PS2 theme for the PS4

Truant Pixel will be introducing a bit of nostalgia to PlayStation 4 owners on December 6, offering up a theme that mimics some of the menu aspects from the PlayStation 2. The theme was created with input from Sony U.S. and Japan and has been in development over the past two years.

The developer was clearly paying attention to detail and wanted to bring the best experience possible recreating the iconic boot chime from the PlayStation 2, the seven glowing orbs, and also the glimmering crystal clock. Unfortunately, the original console's logo could not be used due to licensing restrictions and a reworked PlayStation 4 logo in a similar style did not make the cut. Due to this, the developer has added an Easter egg that can be accessed mid-boot.

You can see the work in the embedded video and those interested can purchase the theme on December 6 for $2.99. While the theme might be a throwback, the graphics for it have not been dumbed down, with the developer stating that it has been designed for use on 1080p, 4K, and OLED displays.

Source: Truant Pixel via Polygon

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