Beatles Vs. Apple – The Final?

Back in 1981 The Beatles company Apple Corp successfully sued Apple Computer for use of their Apple name which they had been successfully using since 1968. As well as an $80,000 settlement Apple and Apple drew up an agreement which would allow the sharing of the names, but Apple Computers would have only use the Apple name in the world of computers, and Apple Corp would use the name in the world of entertainment.

With Apple's huge success with their iTunes store a new lawsuit was filed, with Apple Corp, fronted by Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, claiming that Apple Computers have breached that agreement set in 1981. This is not the first time however that Apple Computers have had action taken against them by Apple Corp (are you getting confused with all the Apples yet?). Back in 1988 Apple Computers refused to remove Musical Digital Interface (Midi) devices from its computers, an undisclosed settlement was reached over two years later with a believed $30million rumoured to have exchanged hands.

Now, with Apple's iPod and iTunes store reviving the company by an entertainment means Apple Corp have come at them again. The case will begin on Wednesday in a UK court, check back later in the week for a report on how the case is progressing.

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