Best Buy will reportedly no longer sell CDs in its stores come July 1

Best Buy used to be a place where you could walk down the aisles and browse through thousands of CDs and DVDs. But over the past decade, digital media has become more popular and the aisles dedicated to physical discs at Best Buy have slowly been shrinking. It looks like the final nail could be in the coffin this summer, as it is being reported that the retailer will no longer stock physical CDs come July.

According to Billboard, Best Buy has alerted its music suppliers that it will be pulling CDs from its physical stores starting July 1. In a bit of an odd twist, despite being an older format, the retailer will still keep vinyls stocked on its stores shelves for the next two years, as the format has experienced a resurgence over the past few years.

With this news, it looks like retailer Target is also looking to lessen the impact from its physical media department in stores by demanding that it only pay for units that are sold. Currently, the retail giant pays for media upfront and whatever isn't sold can be shipped back at the expense of the retailer. This could be a bit of slippery slope for suppliers and Target, but the retailer has given companies until Q2 to decide.

Source: Billboard via Engadget | Image via Best Buy

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