Big Guild Wars update released

Arenanet released a rather large update to Guild Wars yesterday, and it includes some fairly major changes and fixes. This "patch" so to speak affects both Guild Wars and Factions. Needless to say, the change and fix list is rather large, I am not even posted the Skill change list:

  • Added a crafting material storage upgrade for the Xunlai Agent storage vault. To purchase the upgrade, visit one of the new Xunlai Representatives in Shing Jea Monastery or Kaineng Center. (PvP characters gain access to the crafting material storage once any roleplaying character on the account purchases it.)
  • Added the ability to split stacks of inventory items. Holding the Shift key while dragging a stack of items allows you to "split off" a portion of the stack before moving it.
  • Added support for EAX audio when sound quality is set to maximum.
  • Modified the Burning Isle guild battle map so that Flame Cursed Sentinels are now Lesser Flame Sentinels. Lesser sentinels are vulnerable to all Conditions, do not heal when out of combat, and slowly die on their own in the first 25 minutes of the match.
  • Updated Mesmer Courtly and Virtuoso armor sets so that the +15 armor bonus applies only to the piece the bonus is on, not to the entire body. The bonus is now active whenever the equipping character activates any skill (not just spells).
  • Updated Warrior Ascalon and Knight's armor sets so that the damage reduction applies only when the corresponding location of the body is struck. The damage reduction applies only to physical damage, and the amount of reduced damage was increased from 2 to 3.
  • Updated shields, armors, and runes with damage reduction abilities so that they only reduce physical damage.
  • Increased the inherent armor level on all unique (green text), promotional, crafted, and collector shields so that they behave the same way as other shields when the characters equipping them do not meet the necessary attribute requirement.
  • Updated all Ascalon Bows so that they now include their bow type in the name.
  • Raised the armor penetration bonus for the following promotional items: Bonecrusher, Bear's Sloth, Rhino's Sloth, and Rhino's Charge.
  • Lowered the cap for Healing Reduction to 40%.
  • Lowered the cap for Recharge Reduction to 50%.
  • You can no longer be knocked down immediately after you respawn from a resurrection shrine.
  • Link: Guild Wars Homepage

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