Bill Gates still won't let his children use Apple products

Bill Gates is a rich man. If he wanted, he could buy his three children as many iPads and Macs as they wanted. But he won't, because the Microsoft co-founder has banned his progeny from using Apple products.

Melinda Gates, Bill's wife, reaffirmed the family's longstanding commitment to not allowing Apple devices in their household in an interview on U.K. radio station Radio 4 this morning, according to a report by The Telegraph, saying her son and two daughters sometimes ask for Apple products, but they won't get them. Instead, the Gates children get Microsoft-made products, such as a Windows Phone 8 device instead of an iPhone, or a Zune instead of an iPod.

"The wealth from our family came from Microsoft, so why would we invest in a competitor?" she told the radio outlet.

Melinda Gates first revealed that Apple products aren't allowed in the Gates household in a 2010 interview with The New York Times. In that interview she said, "Nothing [Apple] crosses the threshold of our doorstep."

While Bill Gates may merely want to support the company he led for decades, there's also the obvious media impact he's looking to avoid. Late last year, for instance, one of his daughters was photographed holding a device that vaguely resembled an iPhone, prompting a quick media response criticizing Gates.

Source: The Telegraph | Image via Microsoft

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