Blackberry 10 defeats Windows Phone 8 in browser face off!

RIM has it all to do. At one time, Microsoft was playing catch up in the smartphone race, but now RIM and their Blackberry 10 handsets are last to the party, following the iPhone 5, Windows Phone 8 devices and the flood of high end Android handsets.

But the video posted above shows that RIM is looking to make a serious impact in the mobile browser wars. With Android running Chrome, the iPhone running Safari and Windows Phone running IE, Blackberry needed to pull out of the stops to compete with those big three. And, from this video at least, it looks like they’ve succeeded.

While the tests weren’t performed in a controlled environment, they do go a long way in showing that the BB10 browser experience is one that, in its early build stage, can compete with Windows Phone 8’s IE10. BlackBerry’s Dev Alpha B was pitted against the HTC Windows Phone 8X, due to the similarities in spec of each device.

With three tests performed, the BB10 browser trumped IE10 in all of them, with one of the pages failing to load/display on the 8X at all. The final test, The HTML5 Test, showed that IE10 on the 8X scored 320 and six bonus points and the BB10 scored a whopping 485 and 11 bonus points. That score of 485 is tied for the highest score of any browser, both desktop and mobile variants. Not too shabby.

And just to test the score of the 8X, we tested the same HTML5 test as the author of the video did and got the same 320 plus six bonus points back.

Another video shows the same BB10 device trumping the iPhone 5, but the testing was not as thorough as with the 8X.

Source and Video: Gadget Masters

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