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Chaos Communication Congress begins 32nd conference

At 11AM (all times given in this article are UTC+1) later today, the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress (32C3) will kick off its four day stint of hacker-related talks. Past Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) events have been the host to quite a few famous people and groups in the technology world including the 'fail0verflow' team, a member of which was the notorious jailbreaker, GeoHot.

32C3, like past events, will surely have excellent lectures. However, finding out what's on and where to watch it can be a bit of a daunting task, below are all the important links anyone needs to enjoy 32C3:

For first time viewers, the talks about Tor are quite interesting and entertaining. On day 3, streaming from Hall 1 at 12:30 (noon) is 'Tor onion services: more useful than you think'. After a half hour break the jokingly named 'State of the Onion' takes place with speakers including Roger Dingledine and Jacob Appelbaum, two key people behind the Tor browser.

Some talks from day one look quite interesting. For example, Florian Grunow and Niklaus Schiess take a 'deep dive' into North Korea's Red Star OS, and a person going by the handle 'INCO' will deliver a talk about the miniature satellite - CubeSat. Additionally, Peter Buschkamp will give an out-of-this-world talk called 'Shooting lasers into space - for science!'.

Ultimately, 32C3 is a must watch for those interested in security and technology in politics. Some talks will inevitably be boring, but there will always be other talks being given at the same time which can easily be switched to. If there is still nothing on, drop into IRC to have a chat with like-minded people.

As was the case with past CCC events, the documentary - The Asylum Dialogues - will not be streamed, probably for licensing reasons.

Source: Chaos Communication Congress 32C3 wiki | Image via Shutterstock

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