Chinese man makes Windows 7 tablet for girlfriend for $125

Would you like to have a $125 touch screen tablet that run Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system? If so, you might want to speak to the Chinese student who reportedly created such a device recently as a present for his girlfriend. reports that the student wanted to buy a tablet device off the shelf for his girlfriend but couldn't afford the price.

The student, Wei Xinlong, has some apparent skills in PC hardware assembly. The report claims he bought a cheap $78 notebook and removed a lot of its hardware inside. He then proceeded to create a new case around the notebook and also bought a touch screen and battery to make the device look more like a tablet. The final cost, at least in terms of hardware, turned out to be $125, although we suspect the labor that he took to make the tablet would make the device cost even more if it was not made as a present.

Xinlong then gave his DIY tablet creation to his girlfriend, Sun Shasha, who apparently loved his present so much she proceeded to do what a lot of girls do when they get a new tablet or a smartphone; she added rhinestones around the edge of the tablet's casing.

So the lesson here is if you really want a Windows 7 tablet, and you can find some cheap parts, you too can become an Internet sensation and make yourself a tablet PC.

​Image Credit: China Daily

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