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Statcounter: Windows 11 reclaims some of its lost customers after two months of decline

Three Windows logos 11 10 and 7

The last two months were not too kind to Windows 11. According to Statcounter, Microsoft's latest operating system lost quite a lot of users, causing a notable increase in Windows 10's market share. That made Windows 11 the only modern version to lose customers in mid-cycle. However, in May 2024, Windows 11 managed to reclaim a portion of its lost audience.

According to Statcounter and its latest findings, Windows 11 is currently at 27.76%, which is a 1.33 point increase over April 2024. Year-over-year growth is 4.81 points (22.95% in May 2023). Windows 10, as expected, is going down again. After clinging back to over 70% in April 2024, it lost a chunk of users and reached a 68.34% mark.

  1. Windows 10 - 68.34% (-1.69 point)
  2. Windows 11 - 27.76% (+1.33 point)
  3. Windows 7 - 2.86% (+0.05 point)
  4. Windows 8.1 - 0.43%
  5. Windows XP - 0.37% (+0.04 point)

It is certainly odd to see Windows XP registering on Statcounter's gauges, considering the platform uses systems with access to the modern internet to generate its monthly reports, and Windows XP has now been out of support for over a decade. A recent experiment showed how insanely dangerous it is to use Windows XP in modern days, not to mention keeping it connected to the internet.

Windows 10 will soon join the ranks of unsupported releases. Microsoft plans to end Windows 10 support in October 2025, and it has already published a new support page where users can find all the info about Windows 10's inevitable demise. To convince users to switch, Microsoft made a list of new features in Windows 11, some of which, like celebrity gossip on the taskbar, are pretty hilarious.

You can find more information about the Windows side of the PC market on the official Statcounter website. Click here to learn how the platform gathers information for its monthly stats.

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