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Chris Taylor interview - Supreme Commander 2?!

Thanks to VE3D as usual for the head's up:

Expansion packs and semi-standalone sequels - the 1.5 thing - are an odd phenomenon. You don't see that in any other medium, do you?

Chris Taylor: You see, one of the problems with a full sequel is people want a brand new game. But these days... well, I was playing BioShock. To be honest with you, I got all the way through BioShock and I don't want Ken Levine and the gang at Irrational to go away for four years to create another one. It's too long.

I'd rather have something in 18 months or a year, like Valve are doing with their episodes. It really is one of those things: do we have to go off an reinvent a brand new game, or do something closer to what is an old school expansion pack but with new units and content?

For example, if we did Supreme Commander 2, would we throw away all of the factions, and create a new story with four new factions you've never seen before?

View: Full Interview with Chris Taylor @ CVG
View: Original Story @ VE3D

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