Chrome on Android adds new features to make autofill more secure

Google announced today a new feature for Chrome on Android that lets you authenticate credit card transactions through biometric information. In addition, the web browser on mobile is introducing improvements to its native password manager that will make signing in to a site quicker with the new touch-to-fill capability.

Currently, when you make a purchase through Chrome on mobile, you will be asked to enter your card's CVC before the autofill feature provides your full card number to a form. Over the coming weeks, Chrome on Android will allow you to use your phone's biometric authentication to retrieve your card numbers with your fingerprint when making a purchase. That means you won't need to enter the CVC, except when you're using your credit card for the first time.

You can still opt out from this feature and, instead, choose to verify your card with the CVC. Also, there's an option in Chrome to disable this capability. The ability to confirm credit card transactions with biometrics first surfaced earlier this month via a Chrome flag.

Another update to Chrome on mobile is the new touch-to-fill capability that will show you your saved accounts for a current site through Android's standard dialog. This feature is rolling out to Chrome on Android over the next few weeks.

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