Civilization: Rise and Fall brings a new leader for India besides Gandhi

Since the announcement of Civilization VI's first expansion pack, Rise and Fall, every week, Firaxis has been unveiling new civilizations that will be heading to the game with the expansion. This week, however, the developer has elected to reveal an additional leader for India instead.

Arriving as an alternative to Gandhi is Chandragupta Maurya, who has a more aggressive and militaristic focus than Gandhi's traditional nuclear weapons obsessed peaceful ways. This will be the first alternative leader to arrive for India since Civilization IV, where players could play as Asoka, who interestingly enough, happened to be the grandson of Chandragupta.

Chandragupta's leader ability is called Arthashastra, replacing the faith-based Satyagraha leader ability of Gandhi. This new ability allows gamers playing as India to declare a war of territorial expansion, where the first ten turns following the declaration provide Indian units +5 combat strength and +2 movement points. The only requirement is having the Military Training Civic unlocked.

As this is only a leader replacement, all other unique traits of the Indian civilization remain the same, from the Varu war elephants and the Dharma national ability, to the Stepwell tile improvement. Nevertheless, players who choose Chandragupta as India's leader should expect a massively different playstyle to Gandhi's.

Chandragupta will become available as a part of Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion alongside nine new civilizations and a host of new features on February 8. The expansion is available for pre-order via the Steam store for $29.99.

Source: Civilization

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