Civilization VI: Rise and Fall gets Mongolia, being led by Genghis Khan

Firaxis' weekly civilization reveals continue, as it today announced Mongolia as a new faction heading to its turn-based strategy title, Civilization VI, as a part of the upcoming Rise and Fall expansion.

The Mongol Empire is being led by Genghis Khan, and his leader ability - Mongol Horde - gives a combat buff to all Mongolian cavalry units as well as a chance to capture cavalry units of other nations when defeated. Next, the Ordu arrives as a unique building that replaces the standard stables. Any cavalry units that are built on a city that has an Ordu within it will receive extra movement points.

As expected, Mongolia's unique unit is also cavalry based. The Keshig is a ranged and high mobility cavalry unit that can outrange most enemy forces and can even share its movement points with other units when in a formation.

Finally leaving behind the horses, the civilization's national ability is Örtoo, which provides an immediate trading post whenever Mongolia initiates a trade route with another faction. Beyond the monetary gain, this will also increase diplomatic visibility with the other nation, and Mongolian units receive extra combat strength whenever they fight opponents with diplomatic relations.

All in all, Mongolia seems to be very strong in early to mid-game, with the strategy being to trade with another civilization until their secrets are revealed, build up a horde of cavalry units, defeat the aforementioned civilization, and repeat.

Mongolia will be playable as part of the Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion, which is slated to release on February 8. The expansion is available to pre-order now for $29.99 via Steam. Moreover, anyone interested in picking up the Civilization VI base game before the expansion drops can check out the 50% off discount available right now on Neowin Deals.

Source: Civilization VI (Steam)

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