Classic Shell sees 4.3 million downloads since Windows 8 launch

Earlier this week, we mentioned that two Start menu programs made specifically for Windows 8, Stardock's Start8 and SweetLabs' Pokki, have had a combined total of eight million downloads since the launch of Microsoft's latest OS in October. As it turns out, another free Start menu program has also seen large amount of downloads since the Windows 8 launch, but that program was first released back in 2009 for Windows 7.

That program is Classic Shell, which was first developed by Ivo Beltchev. As stated on the program's official website, it allows users to switch from three different main styles of Start menus: Classic, Windows XP and Windows 7. It also lets users put in custom skins for the menu. In addition, Classic Shell offers enhancements and changes for Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer 9.

Classic Shell first put in compatibility for Windows 8 in January 2012, but full support didn't happen until April 2012. The program has seen its download numbers skyrocket since the official launch of Windows 8 in October 2012. Classic Shell is officially available only on the SourceForge website, and according to their own statistics, it has generated over 4.3 million downloads since the Windows 8 launch, for a total of over 6.1 million downloads. In fact, the month of April saw the biggest numbers yet for Classic Shell, with over 1.1 million downloads.

Neowin will have an interview with Beltchev soon about Classic Shell, Windows 8 and his future plans for the program.

Source: SourceForge | Images via ComputingEssentials and SourceForce

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