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CNN and FBI think Google Earth is in real-time

Gawker (taken from Geekosystem) has posted what will likely be today's biggest laugh in the tech world. Live on CNN, anchor Don Lemon was speaking with former FBI Assistant Director, Tom Fuentes, regarding the recent bombing attempt at Times Square in New York City. In their discussion, the two men, who are supposed to be knowledgeable, public figures, basically told the world that they think images from Google Earth are live. Below is a piece of their conversation:

"Lemon: My question to Mr. Fuentes would be: what does that mean? What should we garner from this when this area is even blurred out on Google Earth because of this security alert?

Fuentes: I think they don't want you to see exactly what kind of work they're doing, and also they're searching other parts of the area just to be safe."

Gawker points out that the image was probably just slow to load. Sadly, even one of TV's top news anchors along with one of FBI's ex-finest, couldn't realize that. You can view the CNN footage below.

Google Earth is Google's compilation of detailed still satellite imagery from across the globe. Google uses these images to reconstruct the Earth so that it can be explored with the click of a your mouse, or the tap of your finger. No images are fed in real-time.

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