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Community fights back for AutoPatcher

Microsoft's move this week to close down the AutoPatcher project, a project well known and supported here on Neowin, that allows users to update their computers without requiring an internet connection, has met with cries of outrage from members of the Neowin community, and IT professionals from around the world.

Since the initial take-down messages were sent out, and contact was made with both the Neowin administrators, and the project managers of AutoPatcher, Microsoft have fallen silent on the issue, leaving the community with little explanation about the reasons behind their action.

As seen by the number of responses the the news articles, and forum topic here on Neowin, and the news item posted on AutoPatcher's official website, the community is taking this issue very seriously, and are unlikely to let it rest without a full explanation from Microsoft officials.

In a display of support for AutoPatcher, one fan and Neowin member, M2Ys4U, took it upon himself to make a solitary protest outside Microsoft's UK HQ building in Reading this afternoon. As he wasn't permitted to enter the campus, he made a stand outside the gates, displaying his 'Save AutoPatcher' sign for about an hour, before being asked to move on by security.

Whilst Neowin.net does not officially endorse such a protest, we are pleased that it remained peaceful and nobody had to get hurt.

View: M2Ys4U's Protest Sign
Video: M2Ys4U's Protest Video Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 -Part 5
View: Ongoing Forum Discussion of the issue
Link: AutoPatcher

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