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Cortana will now offer native translation support for Windows 10

Microsoft has added native translation support via Cortana for Windows 10 in the United States and Chinese editions.

By utilizing Microsoft's 'Translator' app, Cortana will be able to translate words, phrases, and sentences in multiple languages. Naturally, it doesn't take much to translate using Cortana, the user must only ask and Cortana will take care of the rest. For example, if a user wanted something translated, they would start off with "Hey Cortana" and then ask Cortana to translate a word, phrase or sentence. A complete request would look like: "Hey Cortana, how to say where is the closest grocery store in Japanese?"

Currently, Cortana supports 38 translation languages, including Klingon. While the above languages are supported, occasionally there may be an issue during translation. If this occurs, the assistant will attempt to search the web for a proper translation. For those utilizing a U.S. or Chinese version of Windows 10, be sure to try out this new feature.

Source: Microsoft via Microsoft News

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