Could Apple have falsified evidence against Samsung?

Apple has reportedly filed a second piece of modified evidence in ongoing legal skirmishes with Samsung. This was initially reported by the Dutch website Webwereld. As previously reported on Neowin, Apple filed a complaint about the design of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 having been heavily derived from their iPad. Their complaints were discovered to have used a manipulated Galaxy Tab during the submission made to a German court. Now, the Cupertino-based company is reporting that Samsung’s Galaxy S line of smartphones is too heavily based upon the older iPhone design, during a skirmish within a Dutch court.

During a court hearing last week, Samsung’s lawyer claimed Apple had been “manipulating visual evidence, making Samsung’s devices appear more similar to Apple’s”. However, Bas Berghuis of Simmons and Simmons did not show evidence of the allegations. Webwereld, on the other hand, did. On page 77 of the complaint, Apple’s lawyers have provided imagery comparing the iPhone 3G and the Samsung Galaxy S.

The image of the Galaxy S has been modified, in order to make it more comparable to the iPhone. Analysis of the Galaxy S by Webwereld seems to have confirmed this. Webwereld also recreated the image submitted as part of the Apple complaint, alongside an accurate image of the Samsung Galaxy S.

Samsung reported the dimensions of their Galaxy S as being 122.4x64.2mm. The iPhone 3G measures 115.5x62.1mm, and Apple confirms that the Galaxy S has “some non-identical elements, such as the slightly larger dimensions”. Despite having acknowledged this in their claim, the image shown below is a comparison of Apple’s iPhone, Apple’s Galaxy S, and the real Galaxy S. Apple’s complaint about the Galaxy S has been filed in The Netherlands, and Webwereld states that the modified Galaxy S image has been shrunk from its original size by around 6%.

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