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CS:GO update adds new battle royale map and Apex Legends inspired features

Valve also jumped on the battle royale train last year with the Danger Zone gamemode for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, offering a more compact and fast-paced experience than its competitors. And today, the studio put out an update that brought in a brand new Danger Zone territory, Sirocco, to fight in as well as new features that Apex Legends players will be familiar with.

In addition to the map, there is now respawns in Danger Zone which dead players can use to come back if their teammates survive an encounter. Adding to that, there is also a player pinging system that can be used to call out locations to teammates.

Danger Zone will now give players a starting perk which they can pick out before deploying. These include a taser, parachute, health shot, as well as ExoJump boots that give players a nice boost to their jumping capabilities. More items are planned for the future, such as a personal drone, ballistic shield, and more.

Valve has also heeded players' feedback and increased starting ammo pools for weapons in Danger Zone, meaning there's less need for scavenging. The upped ammo counts also make sense when considering there are respawns now, giving players even more encounters than before.

In other Valve news, the company officially unveiled its upcoming virtual reality headset Index yesterday, and pre-orders are slated to go live today with prices starting at $499.

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