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Star Citizen offers five ships to fly during new free play event, lasts until May 8

In-game screenshot by RedSolstice

Cloud Imperium Games pushed out Star Citizen Alpha 3.5.0 in April, another major update to the space adventure title which carried the city-covered planet ArcCorp as its biggest feature. And as usual with major updates, a Free Fly event has soon followed.

The free event will go live later today at 8 AM PT, giving everyone free access into Star Citizen's Persistent Universe until May 8. Players can jump into over 30 mission types while exploring, all spread across the two full planets, 10 moons, and other traversable locations.

The studio is giving everyone some free ships to fly during the event as well, available to both Free Fly participants and regular players, so no one is being left out.

In-game screenshot by RedSolstice

Here are all the ships that will be free to fly as part of the promotion, which the studio has picked out to showcase the new gravity-affected flight model that was introduced in Alpha 3.5.0:

  • Anvil Arrow - Featuring an ultra-aerodynamic frame, slight profile, and the most advanced maneuvering thruster tech available, the Arrow shines in Alpha 3.5’s new flight atmospheric flight model. It’s the most agile ship in its class, and can hold its own in a knock-down-drag-out dogfight with quad missile racks and a full complement of countermeasures.
  • Drake Cutlass Black – this ship packs real firepower with both piloted guns as well as a manned turret. It is flown by multiple crew members to haul and protect cargo. This is one of our most popular ships for both new and returning players.
  • Aegis Avenger Titan – one of our cargo ships, the Titan is a light cargo hauler version of the Avenger specifically kitted out to deliver payloads across the ‘Verse.
  • Drake Dragonfly – a two seater hoverbike, the Dragonfly is equipped with a laser cannon and is one of the best ways to navigate surface-side in Star Citizen. The Dragonfly can fit easily in the cargo hold of many ships, giving players an on-the-ground option after landing.
  • MISC Prospector – equipped with a mining laser, the Prospector is the “star” of Alpha 3.2 and Star Citizen’s starter mining ship. By putting it out in this free fly, we’re hoping that anyone who hasn’t had a chance yet can hit the ‘Verse and start mining!

In addition to the ArcCorp planet and the new flight model, Star Citizen Alpha 3.5.0 update also introduced a couple of new moons, playable female characters, and an overhauled character customization system, among other features. See here for our rundown of the massive update.

In-game screenshot by TheSpaceCoder

As mentioned previously, the Star Citizen Free Fly event is slated to go live today at 8am PT, and will be open for everyone until May 8. To jump in once the event is active, head over to this page on the official website.

Moreover, for those trying the game out for the first time, Cloud Imperium Games has published a handy playlist of tutorial videos that explain the basics of Star Citizen.

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