Cyberpunk 2077's first free DLC has an alt-look for Silverhand, plus new cosmetic items

Johnny Silverhand alternate look DLC
Via CDPR developer livestream

CD Projekt RED teased the arrival of Patch 1.3 to Cyberpunk 2077 yesterday, and today, it dropped the patch notes as well as details on the long-promised free DLC arriving to the game, at least the first wave. Keep in mind these DLCs are not the major expansions planned for the RPG. Similar to The Witcher 3's rollout of free DLCs, the additions are minor and largely focus on cosmetic options.

First up, Johnny Silverhand is getting an optional new look, as seen above. Players who prefer it to the original style can toggle to it in the Additional Content tab in settings. Also new are two jackets (syn-leather deltajack and luminescent punk) that can be found in V's apartment after The Ride quest. Lastly, the Bandit is arriving as a fresh look for the Archer Quartz line of cars, which can be acquired by completing the Ghost Town quest.

The update carrying these mini-DLCs will also bring Patch 1.3 to the RPG. Larger highlights of it include the tweaks announced yesterday such as minimap zoom level fixes and the perk reset button. But there are more features and balance changes too, like a larger number of auto saves and quick saves, ability to craft components in bulk, and less grainy Screen Space Reflections, among others.

Cyberpunk 2077 free DLC
Via CDPR developer livestream

Aside from a horde of bug fixes, performance issues have also been tackled in the update. As with previous patches, CD Projekt says players on old-gen consoles and lower end PCs will see the most benefit from the improvements. The extensive list of changes can be found here.

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.3 does not have a launch time attached to it yet, but the studio said it should roll out really, really soon across all platforms.

August 18 UPDATE: Weighing in at around 40GB, Patch 1.3 is now live across PC, consoles, and Stadia.

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