Dell has sold 'hundreds of thousands' of Windows 8/RT tablets; could make wearable PCs

Dell has released just two tablets with Microsoft's latest operating systems; the Windows 8-based Latitude 10 and the Windows RT-based XPS 10, shown above. Today, a Dell executive said in an interview that so far the company has only sold 'hundreds of thousands' of those two tablets since they launched in late 2012.

In a chat with The Guardian, Sam Burd, Dell's global vice-president of personal computing, said the large businesses that make up much of the company's customer base have been slow to purchase Windows 8 tablets. However, he added that it is "encouraging" that more companies are starting to use these products.

Burd said:

It's going to take some time, and the jury is still out. IDC's numbers says that Windows 8 on tablets is still far smaller than the iPad, but there are successes. Maybe in a few years when we get to Windows 8 tablets being a third or 40% of tablet volume we can feel it's happening. Tablets are definitely an important piece of the computing business.

Burd also said that Dell is "exploring" a possible entry into the wearable computing space, similar to what Apple might be developing with its rumored iWatch. He said, "Having a watch on your wrist – that's pretty interesting, pretty appealing."

Source: The Guardian | Image via Dell

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