Apple edges Samsung in customer service satisfaction

The battle between the only two smartphone manufacturers that make a profit on their devices continues to rage on. Samsung and Apple have been fighting each other in the courtrooms and the marketplace for years, with each one winning individual battles, but thankfully for consumers, nobody is winning the war.

This time the battle took place in the court of public opinion, and, according to a (Google-translated) report on South Korean site, Apple has taken the overall customer service satisfaction lead from Samsung in their own backyard. A marketing firm sent surveys to 44,168 cell phone users, and found that Apple's satisfaction rate was 52% while Samsung was 2nd place at 50%. LG Electronics was even further behind at 46%, while Pantech trailed the pack at 34%. Digging into the stats a little more, it appears that within the first year of service, only 17% of respondants had to get help for their product, while Samsung was above the 29% average.

The article doesn't mention the margin of error for the survey, nor how scientific the results are. In addition, this survey is only asking about service after the sale, not overall brand loyalty. Still, it's pretty surprising to see Samsung slip into second place in their own home country.

Source: | Via: LoopInsight

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