Device Controls Laptop Without Keyboard, Mouse

BT researchers have produced the BT Balance device which makes it easier for disabled people or those working in cramped conditions to control laptop computers without the need of a mouse or keyboard. Employers may find it easier to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act, which requires businesses to make "reasonable adjustments" to provide disabled people with the same rights to work as non-disabled people. The device uses computer game technology to enable users to manipulate menus and applications by moving or tilting their machine.

The device is a small adaptor containing movement sensors, which can be plugged into any standard laptop or tablet PC. It works with software that translates movement of the laptop machine into actions on the user's screen. The software can be adapted so that users can move a cursor, turn the pages of a virtual book or make a Voice over IP phone call. The technology is currently being tested by specialist researchers. Adam Oliver, head of age and disability research at BT, said: "The technology has obvious implications for those who are disabled or elderly and have difficulty using a fiddly laptop keyboard or mouse. We also wanted to create an interface that was simple and intuitive."

News source: PC World

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