DirectX 9.0 SDK Update- Summer 2003 (Beta 2)

This release contains updated versions of the D3DX library. The new features contained are support for shader model 2.0 with capability bits on, and new animation system updates. The support for shader model 2 allows the High-Level Shader Language (HLSL) to enable flow control via predication to reduce the amount of instructions needed to run advanced shaders. For information on what is supported in shader model 2.0, refer to the DirectX 9.0 SDK reference documentation. The animation system adds functionality for looping, callback functions, event querying, and more advanced animation cloning functionality. The Direct3D team now has a team of engineers that are specifically addressing the issue of creating development tools to make it easier for you the developer to make use of Direct3D in an optimal way. This includes many updates to the DirectX extensions for Visual Studio .Net 2003, and extended support for DirectX Texture Tool.There are several new graphic samples demonstrating how to:

  • high dynamic range lighting effects using floating point textures and shaders

  • use spherical harmonic math functions in the simple case of a single fixed directional light

  • Better show a depth-of-field effect using floating point textures and shaders

  • And this release includes the all of the DirectX 9.0b Developer runtime enhancements.


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