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Discuss: What do you think of Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10549 so far?

Given that Windows 10 Mobile is now just weeks away from launch, you might have been expecting new preview builds to be heading out regularly to Insiders – but in fact, until this week, a full month had passed since the last Insider Preview, build 10536.1004, was released. But the long wait for an update finally came to an end last Wednesday, as Microsoft rolled out build 10549.

It’s worth noting that previous build 10536.1004 was a revision of the earlier build 10536, which was cancelled at the last minute, due to the discovery of a bug that would prevent the installation of future preview builds. It seems Microsoft never fixed that bug in the end, and as a result, there’s no direct upgrade path from the last preview build to the new one.

And it’s also worth pointing out build 10549 brings further known issues – although one must give credit where it’s due: not only are there workarounds for these issues, but the list of problems that Microsoft has fixed is noticeably longer than for those that remain unresolved.

Indeed, on paper at least, it seems that Windows 10 Mobile is finally starting to come together – but we’re eager to hear how you feel Insider Preview build 10549 performs in the real world.

Have you experienced any of the known issues that Microsoft documented, and have the suggested workarounds proved satisfactory? Have you encountered any other problems, or has it all been smooth sailing? Are you finding that Windows 10 Mobile finally has the polish of a world-class OS, or has your experience been frustrating enough to raise concerns about whether it will be ready for launch?

Share your thoughts with us below!

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