DisplayFusion gains full Windows 11 support, but loses it on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1

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Remember DisplayFusion? The multi-monitor utility has recently received its latest major update with version 10.0. With this, the software's developer notes that DisplayFusion has now gained full support for Windows 11. The .NET framework version has also been updated to .NET 7 and with that, DisplayFusion will no longer support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 versions older than 1607.

The press release says:

We're very excited to announce that DisplayFusion 10.0 is now available for download! This major new version of DisplayFusion fixes hundreds of issues and adds full support for Windows 11.

The changelog showing major changes in DisplayFusion 10.0 is given below (via BetaNews):

DisplayFusion 10.0 Highlights

  • Change: New code signing certificate
  • Change: Upgraded to .NET 7 (OS support is now Win 10 1607 and higher)
  • Change: Win 7, Win 8/8.1, and Win 10 versions lower than 1607 are no longer supported (DisplayFusion will still install but use at your own risk)
  • Change: Monitor Config backend code completely overhauled to support more configurations and prevent errors for minor variations when loading profiles.
  • Change: It's now possible to open multiple script edit windows
  • Change: Much improved code editor for scripted functions
  • Change: Added an entry for DisplayFusionCommand to the Select Application dialog
  • Change: Advanced settings that are forced by policy setting will now show as red and cannot be edited in the UI
  • Change: Added a policy setting to disable the social links in the Settings window
  • Change: Added a policy setting to disable crash reporting
  • Change: Added an advanced setting to disable webview2 install prompt
  • Change: Added an advanced setting to set the polling interval for the "Lock Mouse Cursor" function
  • Change: Improved some icons to help with colour blindness
  • Change: Removed the "restart explorer" prompt and added an advanced setting to re-enable it
  • Change: Added an advanced setting to adjust the size of taskbar buttons and pinned items

A beta version of the software has also been released since. This version, 10.0.1 (Beta 1) also adds more bug fixes:

DisplayFusion 10.0.1 (Beta 1) Changes

  • Change: Added additional info to the "you need Pro for this feature prompt"
  • Fix: Borderless mirror window can now be made full screen by double-clicking
  • Fix: Settings backup fix
  • Fix: "Auto-Hide Animation" advanced setting works again
  • Fix: Taskbar button text no longer upside-down when running WindowBlinds
  • Fix: Start menu now stays open when using third-party Start menu replacements
  • Fix: Taskbar button height issue
  • Fix: Resolved a rendering issue with the Windows 7 taskbar

You can download the free trial version of the software from Binary Fortress' official website. A detailed changelog of the software is also available there.

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