How to minimize all your windows by doing the “Aero Shake”

Hi, I'm Adam, I'm known as Warwagon on the forum. For the past 19 years, I've been operating my own computer repair business. In doing so, I deal with the average computer user on a day-to-day basis.

Every bit of information I provide for people I do so with the lowest common denominator in mind. It's a common misconception that everyone who joins or browses a tech site is a techie. Some people are just looking for guidance. That is why for some, these tech tips may seem a bit too simplistic but they are educational for others.

Tech Tip Aero Shake

In Windows 7, 8, 10, and Windows 11 (off by default in 10 & 11) there is a feature called “Aero shake”.

Aero Shake allows you to hold down the left mouse button as if you were going to drag a window but instead quickly shake the window back and forth.

Doing so will minimize all the windows displayed on the screen(s). Shaking it again restores all the windows.

Windows 10

For Aero Shake to work in Windows 10, "Snap Windows" must be enabled. Here is how to check to make sure it's enabled.

Click Start > Settings > System > Multitasking > On the right look under "Snap Windows" and make sure it's enabled.

Enable Snap Windows

Windows 11 also has this feature but it’s off by default, if you wish to try it here is how you turn it on.

In Windows 11 Click Start > Settings > System > Multitasking and then turn on “Title bar window shake

Tech tip Tuesday enable arrow shake windows 11

Happy Computing!

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