Don't want a shipment of free gold? Send the scam email to this AI instead

The Internet Safety Group was a non-profit organization set up by the New Zealand Police, Ministry of Education, and other non-profits to try and advise people in New Zealand on keeping safe while using the internet and other new technologies; in 2008, the firm was rebranded as Netsafe.

The organization recently developed an AI chatbot which goes by the name of Re:scam. This AI has the wonderful job of replying to, and completely wasting the time of, email scammers. It has multiple personalities, is constantly learning new phrases, and anyone who receives a new scam email can forward it to Re:scam for the bot to get to work, wasting the time of internet thieves.

The Re:scam bot deals with any type of email scammer; be it a Russian beauty queen that desperately wants to marry you, a shipment of a ton of gold that someone needs your help with, that infamous Nigerian prince, or, as one of the extracts from the above video shows, the illuminati family:


Do you wish to be a member of the great iluminati family? Do you want to be payment $5,000,000.00 weekly. Let us now if you are interested in success.


Dear Illuminati. What a wonderful surprise. I'd love to join your secret club. Do you do a bingo night?


There is not bingo night. Please complete attached form with bank details for your receive full payments of 5 million.


Terrific! But to avoid detection I am going to send my bank account details through one number at a time.




This is not necessary.



There are currently a number of different efforts being made by governments and companies to try and fight scams and things such as revenge porn; Netsafe can assist and advise on these issues too as well as with things like online bullying and intimidation.

Re:scam has already wasted hundreds of hours of scammers time and hopefully, this kind of development will assist in making it progressively more untenable for thieves to try and make a living by robbing people through emails.

Source: Netsafe |Hackers image via Shutterstock

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