Ear Trumpet: A Windows 10 audio utility worth checking out

Windows 10 will be released later this month and while Microsoft will continue to add features during the lifecycle of the OS, one area that could use a bit of improvement is adjusting your audio settings. This is where Ear Trumpet comes into play as a simple app that improves the overall Windows 10 experience.

The utility breaks out the volume control for each app that is open, and does it all from a clean pop-up from the system tray. In my short time using it, I have had no major issues. One minor item that did occur on the first run was that it did not include apps that were opened before I installed Ear Trumpet, but after a quick restart of Spotify and Skype, they did show up in the list. Also, make sure you right click on the app and select 'Show desktop apps'.

As of right now, the developers, David Golden and Rafael Rivera, say that this app will only work with Windows 10.

It's a bit surprising Microsoft did not include this type of functionality in the native audio control icon in the system tray, and while you can adjust these settings by digging into the settings of the OS, being able to access the audio controls with one mouse click certainly has its advantages. You can download the app from the link below.

Download: Ear Trumpet

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