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Edge Dev 119.0.2132 is out with new features and bug fixes

A picture showing people working on Edge Dev 119

Microsoft Edge version is now available for testing in the Dev Channel with several new features and bug fixes across the browser. The latest update adds new flags, the ability to bookmark a page from the right-click context menu, a "New Tab Group" icon in the quick tab actions menu, and more.

What is new in Microsoft Edge Dev?

Added features:

  • Added 'New Update Recommended' action into Browser Essentials.
  • Added feature flag to allow auto-grouping with just one tab.
  • Added data consistency compare result as a section in sync-internals page.
  • Added support for "add to favorites" feature in the right-click context menu.
  • Added "new tab group" icon to quick tab actions menu.
  • Added function to the menu model that moves all items past a certain index into a submenu.
  • Android: Codex support landscape mode

Improved reliability:  

  • Fixed a browser crash when clicking on a credit card field shows autofill dropdown.
  • Fixed a browser crash when clicking "Open Side Panel to see All Bookmarks" in favorites bar.
  • Fixed: Tab key doesn't work correctly in address bar
  • Fixed spacing issue caused by tab group minor text.
  • Android: Fixed an NPE crash for desktop site mode.

Changed behavior:

  • Profiles: This allows editing avatars in associated profiles
  • User can now save the shopping shoreline icon state.
  • Fixed issue where user reports now able to copy using CTRL+C when "Mini menu on text selection" is enabled.
  • Sidebar adjusts icon color in high contrast mode to ensure that switch currently on hover.
  • Fixed accessibility issue which announces success message for Copy link button in share dialog
  • Fixed an issue when text in Editor's radio button text doesn't appear in High Contrast Aquatic Mode.
  • Fixed an issue when "Loading" text isn't translated on Desktop/Mobile when setting Top 9 Languages (Not include English (US)).
  • Fixed an issue with tabs added while Fluid container is disconnected (not closed) getting lost if workspace closed before reconnecting.
  • Fixed a bug when no action was being performed on invoking 'Open Workspace' button using keyboard with 'Enter/Space' keys.
  • Fixed a jitter issue when renaming the first-level folder of Other Favorites in 'List view' and then clicking outside the input box.
  • Fixed an issue where the omnibox notification was not being closed on page navigation or active tab change.
  • Changed control button back to horizontal layout in split screen.
  • iOS: Fixed an issue where clicking the tab suggestion should go to opened tab.
  • iOS: There would be no translation of page on edge:* sites
  • Android: Fixed a bug when keyboard focus is not visible in wallpaper edit page.
  • Android: Fixed an issue when tab group cannot be shown in 'recently closed'.

You can download the latest Microsoft Edge Dev update from the official website. Note that preview versions are less stable and often contain significant bugs. For example, multiple users report problems with downloading files in the latest Edge Dev release.

Microsoft allows running Edge preview releases side-by-side, so you can keep using the Stable version while testing early Beta, Dev, or Canary Channel updates.

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