Elon Musk accidentally tweets his phone number to John Carmack

When Elon Musk talks, people usually listen. He has 16-plus million followers on Twitter for a reason. So when he accidentally tweeted out his phone number to Oculus VR guru John Carmack, people immediately took notice.

“Do you have a sec to talk? My cell is ...” the now deleted tweet said, according to Bloomberg. What is even more interesting is that calling that number gave a pre-recorded message for the old PlayStation 2 game God of War:

“By the Gods you’ve done it. Somehow you’ve found your way here to me. I offer you my congratulations and my respect.”

Obviously, we have no clue what Musk wanted to talk to Carmack about, or whether they ever actually connected. We do know that Carmack has a Tesla Model S and has an interest in space. If it was to offer him a job, there are certainly a number of places that a man of Carmack's talents could benefit Musk and his assorted companies, such as Tesla, SpaceX, or even interface developer Neuralink.

Carmack had his own space venture, Armadillo Aerospace going at one time, but closed it down in 2013. Musk tweeted several images of a SpaceX drone landing ship to Carmack in 2015 in the hopes of rekindling his interest in space exploration.

So, while the reason for the attempted contact was probably innocuous enough, the fact that 16 million fans got a chance to hear Kratos utter his God of War Easter Egg lines was a nice bonus. No word on if Musk will be changing his phone number.

Source: Shacknews

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