Euro Xbox Live pricing confirmed

Microsoft announces a new Xbox Live starter package and subscription renewal options for the online gaming service in Europe.

Microsoft has today announced that it will release a new special edition Xbox Live starter kit in Europe later this month, and has also confirmed the pricing for both monthly and annual subscription renewals. Xbox Live is currently enjoyed by around 100,000 gamers in Europe, where the service launched on March 14 last year. In addition to the standard £39.99 (US$73) Xbox Live starter kit, from the end of this month newcomers to Xbox Live will have the option to purchase a special edition starter pack for £59.99 (US$110) that also includes a copy of Project Gotham Racing 2. Both of the packs include a one-year subscription, and an Xbox Live communicator headset.

For existing Xbox Live players, Microsoft has confirmed that both monthly and annual subscription renewals will be available, priced at £4.99 (US$9) and £39.99 (US$73) respectively. Alternatively, existing subscribers have the option to purchase a second starter kit for the same price as an annual subscription, use the enclosed subscription code on their existing account so that they retain their gamertag and stats, and gain an extra communicator headset.

News source: GameSpot

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