Existence Beta 1 Release Date

'It's been an 11 month run of production for Existence and has now reached a point in development in which I feel it is more that what you can expect to be in a beta version of a game. The whole X team has been productive and hardworking to complete the public beta and bring it out to the community & fans.

With beta 1 out of the way, we can focus on more diverse and unique sections of development rather than getting the base of the game working properly with the design. So what is headed our way after beta 1? More modes of play (including a 1vs1 duel king of the hill w/spectators gameplay, with kung fu integrated). Other upcoming updates in Existence will include more maps, characters, kung fu, weapons, objectives, sounds, music, etc, etc, etc. This is only the beginning, we can go much further and get much more innovative.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the development of Existence up to this point, the ones that will continue to do so, and grin at those who doubted the project.

Existence beta 1.o will officially be released on Friday the 7th of September, an irc party will be held prior to the release in which the URLs for the beta will be given out. Following is the irc party information:'

    IRC SERVER: east.gamesnet.net

    irc channel: #existence

    Date: Friday, September 7th - 2001'

    Time: 6pm EST

News source: Existence - Half-Life Modification
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